PEGWARMERS: The Geeks Shall INherit The Earth - 2009


"Lovingly prepared and quick to charm, an affectionate
ode to the less esteemed pop-culture pursuits"

Brian Orndorf -

The Universe of Fandom ...


... is bigger now than it's ever been.

With a record number of franchises bringing in billions of dollars every year, and with millions of fervent fans connecting online and at jam-packed conventions all over the globe, fandom has grown
up and moved out of the basement ...

And yet, most people still think of these pointy-eared, white-armored, multi-sided-dice slinging fanatics simply as the lunatic fringe ... But are they really? ...


So, Who are these people? ...


... and why do they risk ridicule for what many outsiders consider to be nothing more than a trivial pursuit?
Through the eyes of fans all over Alberta, Pegwarmers delves into the worlds of Sci-Fi and Fantasy Fandom to discover what makes these devoted fanatics tick.

Outrageous and often insightful ... 


Pegwarmers looks to uncover the veil of mystery, and examine the stigma that surrounds these often misunderstood subcultures.

So set your phasers on stun, and join us on a galactic adventure as we take a passionate insiders' look at the workds of toy and comic collecting, Sci-Fi and Medieval Costuming, Gaming, and everything else in between.



Jason Hoehn

Ph + TXT: 403-244-4939



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LATEST UPDATE 05|13|2018 RELAUNCHED!!! ...  w00t!
After a couple years of inactivity, we're back online with an even nerdier website

LATEST UPDATE 04|04|2018


Shooting & Post-Production continue, as 8Bit Pictures nears completion of Pegwarmers 2

Nearly 90% filmed,deep into editing, post production, sound design and music scoring, we think the sequel will be even better than the original ... *crossing fingers*

Stay Tuned to for updates,
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